Affordable DUI Attorneys 

The DUI attorneys of Turner & Bowerman, LLC are prepared to represent you and your interests aggressively and tirelessly. Your needs are of paramount importance to us, and thus we will work proactively to assure that your case is handled professionally, timely, and competently. We also work diligently to counsel our clients to prevent any problems before they may arise.

Turner & Bowerman prides itself on providing DUI attorneys that are accessible and affordable to all of Metro-Atlanta. When you call our office, you will speak directly to a DUI attorney or a secretary, without having to navigate through an automated voice answering system. If we are unable to take your call immediately, we will make every effort to return the call within twenty-four hours.  We understand that when you need a DUI attorney, you need answers immediately.  

We provide free case evaluations for all potential clients. To discuss your case with a  DUI attorney and to schedule your free consultation, please call our office at (770) 633 – 0007.